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Activities Calendar

The calendar below shows all of the approved events and activities for members under CAP's National Capital Wing. Events starting with NatCap in the title are wing-wide activities. Events starting with a squadron charter number like DC000 (office symbol) are hosted by that specific squadron. See the key below the calendar for a listing of unit designations.


Unit of Primary Responsibility Key:

  • DC026 = Arlington Composite Squadron
  • DC033 = Andrews Composite Squadron
  • DC045 = Mount Vernon Composite Squadron
  • DC051 = Tuskegee Composite Squadron
  • DC053 = Fairfax Composite Squadron
  • DC060 = Challenger 1 Cadet Squadron
  • DC130 = Howard Town Cadet Squadron
  • NatCap = National Capital Wing HQ
  • MAR = Mid-Atlantic Region HQ
  • CAP = CAP National HQ
  • VAWG = Virginia Wing HQ
  • MDWG = Maryland Wing HQ

To add this calendar to your personal Google calendar, click the +Google Calendar button on the bottom right of the embedded caledar above. Other viewing formats include iCal Format | HTML Format (fullscreen view).

Click here to see all wing calendars under CAP's Mid-Atlantic Region HQ.

Activity Request Form

All CAP sanctioned activities outside a regular unit meeting time and location must be approved by the wing headquarters. To request an activity be approved and added to the wing calendar, please use your NatCap Apps account to complete the online form below.

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